Leadership teams must first establish a growth mindset and reinforce your company’s purpose, values, and culture. At Savant, we call this the Foundation.

With a growth mindset, clarifying your purpose, staying true to your values, and fostering your culture, you will create a Foundation that enables accelerated results.


~ Lots of Smart People



Mindset all starts with the leadership team. The result of a growth mindset is directly reflected in your leadership team’s positive impact on others and the company as a whole.


Having a clear understanding of your company’s purpose allows the leadership team to stay focused on the right things and not get distracted. Your purpose helps drive both decisions and actions.


Values are deeply ingrained principles that resonate with your company and help shape its culture. Everyone in the company should be able to easily remember its values.


From the collective mindset of your leaders, norms, attitudes, and behaviors are established that make up the work environment – your company’s culture.

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