How It Works

At Savant Leadership Teams are part of a cohort and follow a structured 12-month program where we help them implement our proven tools and concepts along the way.


Savant aligns the five most critical areas of your business – Foundation, People, Strategy, Execution, and Control. Once aligned, your company will achieve radically accelerated results. The concepts within Savant are not novel, however, applying them takes discipline and accountability – that’s where we come in.


Savant sessions are presented via Zoom and led by a Savant expert. During months 1-12 Leadership Teams will meet twice per month for 90 minutes, implementing our tools and concepts along the way. After that, they will meet once per quarter to ensure things are working smoothly.

What Savant Does For You

Since Savant is presented via Zoom Leadership Team members can attend wherever they are located. Every session and breakout is recorded, stored in our library, and can be viewed as often as you like. Savant is delivered over 12-months so each concept is rationally integrated into your business. Over the course of the program data is collected, progress is measured, adjustments are made, and you are held accountable for your work. Ultimately, you will enjoy accelerated business results, including:

  • Well-defined performance metrics

  • Strategic objectives cascaded to all levels of the organization

  • Teams effectively working together on company-wide goals

  • Increased employee engagement and reduced turnover

  • Faster achievement of top priority objectives

  • Superior financial results

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