Case Study: Gordon & Thalwitzer and the Savant Business Management System


Gordon & Thalwitzer, a well-established Florida law firm, desired to accelerate growth, employee productivity, and profitability. To address this, the firm decided to implement the Savant Business Management system, focusing on the core tenets of Foundation, People, Strategy, Execution, and Control. This case study explores the implementation process and the outcomes of applying the Savant system to Gordon & Thalwitzer’s operations.


Gordon & Thalwitzer had a team of skilled attorneys and support staff and desired to achieve consistent growth and improvements in operational efficiency. The firm recognized the need for a structured approach to enhance its business management practices. The Savant Business Management system was chosen for its comprehensive framework, covering the critical areas of business management.


  1. Foundation

The first step in the transformation process was to establish a solid Foundation for the firm, which involved aligning the Leadership Team and solidifying the firm’s Purpose, Values, and Culture. The Leadership Team engaged in a series of alignment sessions to ensure that all members were united in setting a clear direction for the entire firm. Gordon & Thalwitzer then articulated its purpose, which was to provide exceptional legal services while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. The firm’s values, including excellence, respect, and accountability, were supported, and communicated to all employees. A culture that embodied these values was fostered, emphasizing collaboration, continuous improvement, and client focus.

  1. People

The implementation began with a focus on the People aspect of the Savant system. Gordon & Thalwitzer conducted a thorough evaluation of its team, identifying areas for development and recognizing top performers. The firm invested in professional development programs and introduced a performance management system that aligned individual goals with the firm’s strategic objectives.

  1. Strategy

With a strengthened team, the firm turned its attention to Strategy. Gordon & Thalwitzer developed a clear strategic plan that outlined its vision for growth, target markets, and competitive positioning. The strategy included initiatives to improve client acquisition, enhance service offerings, and streamline operational processes. This strategic plan was communicated across the firm to ensure alignment and commitment from all team members.

  1. Execution

The focus then shifted to Execution, where the firm worked on effectively implementing its strategic initiatives. Gordon & Thalwitzer established clear processes and protocols to ensure consistent service delivery and client satisfaction. Regular progress meetings were held to monitor implementation, address challenges, and adapt strategies as needed.

  1. Control

The final aspect of the Savant system was Control, which involved setting up systems for financial analysis and performance measurement. Gordon & Thalwitzer implemented a financial management system that provided insights into revenue streams, cost structures, and profitability. The firm also introduced scoreboards and scorecards to track individual and company performance against key metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.


The implementation of the Savant Business Management system had a significant impact on Gordon & Thalwitzer. The focus on People led to increased employee engagement and productivity. The strategic initiatives drove growth in client acquisition and service expansion. Effective execution ensured that the firm delivered even higher-quality services with greater consistently. The control mechanisms allowed for better financial management and performance tracking.

As a result, Gordon & Thalwitzer experienced significant acceleration of revenue and profit margins. The firm was able to capitalize on new opportunities and strengthen its position in the competitive legal market.


The case of Gordon & Thalwitzer demonstrates the effectiveness of the Savant Business Management system in transforming a law firm’s operations. By focusing on Foundation, People, Strategy, Execution, and Control, the firm was able to accelerate its employee productivity, revenue growth, and profitability. The success of Gordon & Thalwitzer serves as a testament to Savant and the value of a comprehensive and structured approach to business management in the legal industry.