Case Study: ABC Transmission and the Savant Business Management System


ABC Transmission is a mid-sized company specializing in the repair, rebuilding, and distribution of automotive transmission systems. In recent years, the company faced challenges related to stagnant growth, declining employee productivity, and profitability issues. To address these concerns, ABC Transmission decided to implement the Savant Business Management System, focusing on its five key business areas: Foundation, People, Strategy, Execution, and Control.

  1. Foundation

Before delving into the remaining four tenets of Savant, ABC Transmission recognized the importance of establishing a strong Foundation for the company. This Foundation was built on:


Leadership Team Alignment: The leadership team at ABC Transmission underwent alignment exercises to ensure that they shared a common vision and were committed to the company’s success. This alignment was crucial for driving the company forward with a unified approach.

Company Purpose: ABC Transmission clarified its purpose, which was to innovate and provide high-quality transmission systems that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency. This purpose guided the company’s strategic decisions and inspired its employees.

Values: The company defined its core values, such as integrity, excellence, and innovation, which shaped its corporate culture and guided the behavior of its employees.

Culture: ABC Transmission cultivated a culture that encouraged teamwork, continuous learning, and a commitment to quality. This culture became the bedrock of the company’s success and played a vital role in attracting and retaining top talent.

  1. People

Before implementing Savant, ABC Transmission experienced high employee turnover and low morale. The company recognized the need to invest in its workforce to drive productivity and performance. Under the People tenet of Savant, ABC Transmission initiated several programs:

Training and Development: Employees received comprehensive training to enhance their skills and knowledge. This not only improved their performance but also increased their job satisfaction and loyalty.

Performance Management: The company introduced a transparent performance management system, where employees received regular feedback and were recognized for their achievements. This motivated them to strive for excellence.

Employee Engagement: ABC Transmission fostered a culture of open communication and collaboration, encouraging employees to share their ideas and concerns. This led to higher engagement levels and a sense of ownership among the workforce.

  1. Strategy

The Strategy area of Savant helped ABC Transmission to clarify its long-term vision and develop a coherent plan to achieve it. The company conducted a thorough market analysis to identify growth opportunities and competitive advantages. Based on this analysis, ABC Transmission formulated a strategic plan focusing on:

Cost Optimization: The company focused on reducing the number of its suppliers, increasing its market leverage, and controllingreducing costs through better contracts and volume commitments.

Market Expansion: ABC Transmission expanded its reach by entering new geographical markets and targeting its most profitable customer segments.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining processes and adopting lean productivity principles reduced costs and improved the overall efficiency of the company.

  1. Execution

With a clear strategy in place, the focus shifted to execution. The Savant system emphasized the importance of aligning individual and team goals with the company’s strategic objectives. ABC Transmission implemented the following:

Goal Setting: Each department and employee had specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that were aligned with the company’s strategy.

Accountability: Regular progress reviews ensured that everyone was accountable for their performance and that any issues were addressed promptly.

Resource Allocation: The company allocated resources effectively to support priority initiatives and projects, ensuring that they were completed successfully and delivered the desired results.

  1. Control

The Control area of Savant emphasized the importance of monitoring performance and making informed decisions. ABC Transmission established a robust control system that included:

Financial Analysis: The company conducted regular financial analyses to assess profitability, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make informed investment decisions.

Scoreboards and Scorecards: ABC Transmission implemented company-wide and individual scoreboards and scorecards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide real-time feedback on progress towards goals.

Continuous Improvement: The company fostered a culture of continuous improvement, where employees were encouraged to identify areas for improvement and suggest solutions.


The implementation of the Savant Business Management System had a significant impact on ABC Transmission:

Employee Productivity: Enhanced training, clear goal setting, and increased engagement led to a substantial improvement in employee productivity.

Revenue Growth: With a focus on cost optimization, market expansion, and operational efficiency, ABC Transmission experienced a significant increase in revenue.

Profitability: Operational efficiencies and effective financial management resulted in higher profit margins for the company.


The adoption of the Savant Business Management System transformed ABC Transmission into a more dynamic, efficient, and profitable organization. By focusing on Foundation People, Strategy, Execution, and Control, the company was able to unleash the potential of its workforce, capitalize on new opportunities, and navigate challenges effectively. The success of ABC Transmission serves as a testament to the power of Savant’s holistic and strategic approach to business management.